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January 3, 2008, 7:54 pm
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Who knew that pizza could help save the Earth?  I never did, until I read about the pizza chain Pizza Fusion in Retail Construction Magazine.  This company really struck me as an example of what we are wanting to do as well. 

 Sustainability isn’t something that you can just all of a sudden implement one day because it is a fad or the cool thing to do.  You must start in the beginning just how we are looking at our tools and where they too will end up one day.

 A few examples of how Pizza Fusion is changing the restaurant world and going above and beyond just using fancy, efficient light bulbs…

  • Serving food in containers made of corn starch that will decompose in 30 days
  • Utensils made from potatoes and that biodegrade in 30 days
  • Heat from their ovens to warm the restaurant in northern locations
  • 100% recycled counter-tops
  • Reusing glass bottles from stores to create flooring tiles for future locations
  • Insulation made from recycled blue jeans
  • Seat cushions made from soybean oil, instead of petroleum-based foam
  • Last but not least, they give their customers discounts for bringing their pizza boxes back to recycle

I have to admit though, they don’t have a location near me and their pizza could be horrible, but does it matter?  I will go there and buy their food just to see what they are doing and judging by their menu, tastiness will not be a problem.

Now I will step down from soap box (or pizza box in this case) and end my post, but who knew we could change the world by eating pizza.

Please let us know if anyone has ever been there and give us a review!

-Alison, Kansas City, MO


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Your wishes have come true! There will be a PF near you very, very soooooon…

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