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Rock out with your Caucus Out
January 9, 2008, 6:45 am
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As we all know, this is the moment where thousands of people from various states are coming together to support and possibly predict the next President of the United States.  For all of us 18 and olders (including women and different races)….this is a very important moment of our lives…a moment where our not forgotten countrymen have fought in order to allow us to be a part of this important selection.

 In this year of 2008, I feel extremely privilaged to vote! Not only is this the first year to make history by voting for “The First African American President” or “The First Woman President”…it is also the first year that I will be taking part in the Caucus System myself!

 If you feel uninformed or would like to find out where each candidate stands on particular issues, check out the links below…..

 This is your time to take action…This is your time to make a difference! So get involved and “Rock out with your caucus out!”   

-Kelsey, Vail, CO


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Very exciting time to be an American. So many people have fought for our right to vote. I’ll be sure to get involved. Another good resource for people who may be undecided, or unregistered is your respective political parties state websites. You can find out about where candidates stand on issues, and how to get register to vote.

“Rock the Vote”

Comment by Jason

Kelsey, I hope your enthusiasm is extremely contagious and starts an epidemic of young informed voters who make our country and world a better place! You are absolutely right, this is an amazing time in our history.

Comment by Kim Fitzpatrick

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