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Women & Tools
January 23, 2008, 4:18 am
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When search the web for women & tools you get 19,700,000 different hits.  That’s a lot of hits.  Although, most of the sites you can click are all about the same.  There aren’t really any tools designed specifically for women.  Their idea of women’s tools are slapping a little pink on them and presto,  you’ve got tools only women will want to use.  We find the whole thing a little patronizing.  Women are more than pink and frilly and occasionally need use something more powerful than a hammer.  Why has no one addressed our needs?  Why can’t they be designed for our hand?  That is what Savvy Tools is hoping to be one day!  We have spent almost three years brainstorming about what we would want in a complete line of tools and starting from scratch.                                                             img_0555.jpg

We are constantly re-designing and rethinking about how to make our idea different than what is already out there.  At the end of February we are bringing the 5 non blondes together to finalize our ideas and to move forward.  The world of women’s tools will never be the same…no pink included.

Alison, Kansas City


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