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dress well. eat chocolate. live green.
January 25, 2008, 2:57 am
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I just went to Austin, TX for the first time and I guess I never knew what the slogan “Keep Austin Weird” really meant. I had this vision that there would be a bunch of weirdo cowboys with guitars slung on their backs roaming the streets, but I learned that is not at all true. What they’re actually saying is “Leave the Chains Out and Keep Austin Unique”! I don’t remember seeing a single chain restaurant or store on my trip….it was extremely refreshing!

I was in awe walking down South Congress Avenue peeking in all the cute little boutiques when a store sign caught my eye. The store’s name was Therapy and their motto was “Dress well. Eat Chocolate. Live Green.” I was so excited because I enjoy doing ALL of those things! All of their clothes were made of organic cotton and hemp and they didn’t even look like those Potato sacks dresses you think of when you imagine eco-friendly clothing. They even had shoes made of recycled plastics and lets not forget the entire wall full of CHOCOLATE!!!

One of the most innovative items I saw was a Purse by a company out of Chicago called Noon Solar. Their philosophy is to combine fashion with sustainability. All of their bags are made out of materials that can either bio-degrade naturally or be reclaimed and re-used for generations to come. They’re all similar in the aspect that they all have a solar panel pouch on one side, but the opposite side has multiple design options to choose from for both men and women. To learn more go to www.noonsolar.comwillow-grey2.jpg

-Kelsey, Vail, CO


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