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February 5, 2008, 3:55 pm
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Here on the 5nonblodes blog, we have featured many green products and ideas, but with the website you can combine the two.  Their idea is kind of like killing two birds with one stone.  You get a neat looking shirt and help very worthy causes.  You might be shocked at the $45 dollar price tag, but when you read what you will be helping, it makes it all very worth it. Basically there are 4 shirts and each of their proceeds goes to a different cause.   

The Tree Tee  Each Tree Tee will fund the planting of 25 trees in North America. 

About the Cause:
Just half of the Earth’s original forests remain and another area the size of South Carolina disappears every year. All species need healthy forests to survive – trees provide a place to live for three-quarters of all land animals and replace carbon dioxide in the atmosphere with the oxygen that we breathe.

The Fresh Tee

Each Fresh Tee will contribute to a lifetime of fresh water, latrines, hygiene education and sanitation. 

About the Cause:
5 million people will die this year because they don’t have access to safe water. We all need clean water to drink, cook, and wash with – as well as for daily sanitation purposes, but more than one billion people throughout the world lack access to this very basic human need.

The Net Tee

Each Net Tee will fund the delivery of 3 mosquito bed nets to families in Africa. 

About the Cause:
Two people die every minute from the mosquito-borne disease malaria. That’s 2,880 deaths every day from a disease that can be largely prevented with simple materials like mosquito bed nets. Second to AIDS, no other disease kills more people in developing countries than malaria.

The School Tee

Each School Tee will help fund a full year’s education for three children. 

About the Cause:
There are nearly half a billion children in India, millions of whom live on the streets and railway platforms. One teacher, Inderjit Khurana, saw that most of them spent their days begging from those very platforms instead of going to school. So she decided to bring the school to them.

To me, it’s a pretty good investment and something you can actually be proud to wear.  Plus, each shirt has its cause printed on it and what you helped contribute. Hopefully when you wear it, people will notice, ask questions, and it will make them think about what they can do too! 

-Alison, KC, MO


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TONIC here- thanks for the post! Amazing, you guys are everywhere… I lived in SF (now in Palo Alto) and grew up in CO- 2/5 isn’t so bad! Anywho, we appreciate your taking the time to tell your readers about us, thanks again.

Comment by Kendra

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