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GOOD is great!
February 6, 2008, 7:52 pm
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I’m in love with a magazine.  I mean it.  And it’s not just a crush!  I count the days until the next issue comes and I can truthfully say it’s the only one I’ve ever read cover to cover every single time.  It’s called GOOD magazine and they probably say it best when they describe themselves as a magazine for “people who give a damn.”
So what’s so great about Good magazine?
1. It only costs $20 for a subscription.  That’s cheap!  And to sweeten the deal they give every penny to the charity of your choice.  You can read about each one on the website to find out more.
2. They keep the environment in mind both in print and in practice.  It’s printed on recyled paper and they offset 100% of their carbon emissions through Native Energy (see
3.  The articles are amazing and they cover a full range of topics.  I’ve seen everything from politics (nonpartisan), to how a fringe branch of mathematics can be used to predict the future (, to a group from MIT that creates low-cost, low-tech solutions that save lives in third world countries (,  to what the Second Life online game is and how it works.
4. The graphics are great.  One of my favorite parts of the magazine is the section that provides very visual graphs and charts in really unique formats.  They breakdown things like the demographics of the homeless & the army enrollment rates for every major war that America has been involved in.
5.  It’s intelligent & informative.  I’m guaranteed to learn a lot and be entertained in the process.  It’s one stop shopping.
The moral of the story? You should subscribe and then you should buy subscriptions for all your friends. You’ll thank me later, I promise.
-Rebecca, San Francisco

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Rebecca as soon as I read your post, we got a subscription. I remember you raving about this magazine before and I don’t want to miss another issue. I do wish it came every month! Thanks for sharing this wonderful resource with us.

Alison, KC, MO

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