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supa tuesday!
February 8, 2008, 12:38 am
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Just wanted to give the world a little analysis after attending my first caucus! Let me tell ya…it was AMAZING!!!!  To give you a little background, Colorado is a closed caucus.  So each party has their own event and one has to be a registered affilliate in order for their vote to count.  Over 450 democrats showed up on Tuesday…that probably sounds pretty small to a lot of you, but I live in a small town and to make it sound big, only 55 people attended the previous one.  To say the least, the people in charge were extremely overwhelmed…in a good way.

To start the night off, we got to hear from a few of the county representatives as well as some folks in the running for State Congress.  After all of their speeches, everyone broke out into their different Precincts.  Now, I imagine the bigger cities do this a little differently, but it was nice because my Precinct only had 9 people in it, which gave a lot of room for discussion.  We all talked about our favorite candidates and discussed their views and plans on all of the issues.  There was a little debating here and there, but everyone stayed very calm and were open to hear other peoples opinions.  There didn’t seem to be the typical political conversations that occur when someone ends up feeling uncomfortable for speaking their mind.   

Something I never knew is that we get to vote 2 times (non-private). How it works is the group takes a poll to see who is supporting each candidate. In order for a candidate to get any delegates they have to receive at least 15% of the votes. If a candidate doesn’t receive the 15% they are not considered a viable candidate. At this point the people that voted for the nonviable candidate can change their vote to a candidate that has met the 15%. This is when the rest of the members lobby to get people to support their candidate.  After all of the voting was done, we got to choose 7 delegates who get to attend the County Convention in a couple of weeks. I am unable to attend the next convention, so I was not one of the chosen delegates, but I did sign up to be on my Precinct Committee!

 I can’t express enough how important I think it is to be involved with the election process. The right to vote is one of our most sacred duties as American citizens, it is a right many people have fought and died for. So if you are not registered to vote, please do so before the presidential election in November.  

Kelsey, Vail, CO


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