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What Women Want
February 16, 2008, 1:39 pm
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Making tools for women is a good idea.  We can’t possibly be the only ones who’ve thought of it, right?  Right.  However, there’s a big difference between what we want to offer and what’s currently on the market.  You can find plenty of pink & flowery screwdrivers on the shelves at your local Bed, Bath, & Beyond, but they seem to miss the point.  We’re not all girly girls and everything in my closet is not hot pink and covered in sequins.  We want to step away from the stereotypes.  So, what DO women want? 


1.        We want a smaller tool that’s modeled to fit our hands.  They should have smaller grip sizes & be lighter weight so we can hold them more comfortably for longer periods of time.  (Check out this article about it:  We’re certainly not out to prove to our girlfriends that we’re tougher because our drill is bigger.

2.       We want it to have the same power as other tools on the market.   We have to accomplish all those same projects we can’t talk our husbands, boyfriends, and friends into doing for us.   We probably want to take on our own design projects as well.  A little toy drill isn’t going to help us accomplish that.

      3.       We want the functions to be simple and intuitive.  It doesn’t have to be dumbed down.  We’re intelligent people, but           sometimes they just seem to overcomplicate things.   We want everything clearly labeled with no extraneous parts.  How about some good project instructions that come with it or webinars through the Savvy website that give me good tips on how to make my projects run smoother?

4.       We want them to be safe.  We’ve heard our share of horror stories about people losing fingers with their saws and much worse.  We don’t want to be one of those stories.  We want all the safety features possible, guards on the blades, safety stops so your kids or the dog can’t accidentally turn them on or cut themselves.  

5.       We want them to look good.  They don’t have to be bulky and they don’t have to have flowers on them either.  We want something sleek & modern.  Think about what Apple has done to the PC.  We want form and function.

6.       We want a full line of tools so we can accomplish all of our projects.  We need hand tools & power tools.  

7.       We want them to be environmentally friendly.  We want to leave the world a better place for our kids and future generations.   We want to support companies that are making that a priority for their entire business, not just certain aspects of it.  We want tools made from recycled materials that are themselves recyclable and easy to repair.  We want cleaner energy sources for our batteries and our chargers.


There are only 2 major companies that are selling tools for women & they are Tomboy Tools & Barbara K.  Tomboy Tools operates through parties much like Pampered Chef & Tupperware and focuses on educating women about how to use the tools.  Barbara K sells mainly through the internet and a few hardware stores.  The only power tool that they both offer is the drill.  The rest of their lines are made of hand tools & various kits.  Neither has greatly altered the tools themselves from the average tool on the market.  Barbara K does offer smaller grips, but I believe that is the extent of the changes.  Women are looking for more and Savvy Tools is working to provide it.  

-Rebecca Ruggles, San Francisco


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