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No mess baking
February 29, 2008, 11:43 am
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A few months ago I bought the cheapest cornbread mix I could find on the shelf as I tried to get out of the grocery store in record time. (Grocery shopping is not what I consider fun.)  I ended up with Aunt Jemima’s cornbread mix and was astonished when I opened the box and read the directions for making the bread.

The package inlcuded the box, the cornbread mix in an open plastic bag, and a strange paper tray that held the mix. The package directed you to put your wet ingredients into the open plastic bag, squeeze the bag until blended, and then pour into the paper tray to bake. I had never seen anything like that before. I tried it just as they instructed to see if it worked and it did.

Since then, that experience has stuck in my head. What an interesting and different way of packaging. All you need (except for wet ingredients) is included. How cool could it be if the box became the baking tray or if the plastic bag became recyclable. The whole kit and kaboodle would be so environmentally friendly! Plus, you’d save on the added cost or effort of washing dirty utensils. The packaging is not quite there but if your up for a new baking experience definitely spend the 99 cents and enjoy! 

 -Jackie, W-B


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