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Green Packaging
March 4, 2008, 11:22 pm
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Lately I have been frequenting a fellow blogger’s website . Here the posts are dedicated to companies committed to reducing their products packaging.  About everyday there is another product showcased and their process behind their new packaging designs.

We can also make a difference by buying these products.  At the grocery store my husband and I are trying to make point of picking items over others if their packaging is completely recyclable or if there is less to throw away.  Can someone please tell me why all yogurt containers are recyclable #5 plastic, but we can’t recycle that in our area.  That’s a whole other story.

Savvy Tools is also researching ways to insure one day our packaging will be completely recyclable or reusable.  Maybe one day our packaging will be featured on the sustainableisgood blog.  Check out their blog and consider packing with your next purchases!

-Alison, KC, MO


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Hi Alison,

Thanks for your kind words and question. Many companies are using #5 PP plastic for things like yogurt containers because it is more durable and allows manufacturers to use less plastic overall making containers that are thinner but more durable. Companies like Stonyfield have determined using #5 PP is more eco-friendly than #1 PET or #2 HDPE plastic despite the fact #5 is difficult to recycle because its not accepted by many communities. As more and more communities accept #5 PP for recycling the process will become smoother.

Contact me regarding your own packaging love to learn more about it.


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