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I left my heart in San Francisco
March 5, 2008, 9:44 pm
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I’ve been in San Francisco for a little over a year now.  The time has flown by and little by little this city has grown to be a part of me.  I truly love it here.  That’s not to say that everything is perfect.  I pay more to rent a small apartment (with no working oven or heat and a landlord that doesn’t speak English and refuses to communicate with me) than my mom pays for her mortgage on a 4 bedroom, multi-story house.  So, it would be pretty difficult to settle down here long term.  This city also has more than its fair share of crazies.  It would take a lot to surprise me at this point in time.  Despite all that, there are so many things that I love…


-Saturday afternoons picnicking in Washington Square Park and people watching

-Warm days with the windows open in my apartment, listening to the banjo player play from his porch across the street

-Wine tasting in Russian River Valley and watching the vineyards change with the seasons

-Walking to the local boulangerie to get authentic French fruit tarts whenever my heart desires.

-Road trips down the coast checking out beaches

-Getting some of the best ice cream I’ve ever had from the original Swensons (est. 1948) just a short walk from my apartment

-Eating lunch on weekdays, sitting in the grass and overlooking the bay

-Bonfires & sunsets on ocean beach

-Stopping by the local corner grocery store (Le Beaux) to pick up everything from milk to chocolate covered goji berries from the Himalayas

-Watching the fog roll in and blanket the hills

-Riding a cable car home at night and talking to the drivers

-Listening to the Er-hu players on the sidewalks of China Town which make fighting your way through the masses of people shopping with their little pink bags all worth it

-Meeting people randomly on the bus, on the street, wherever


-Going to the farmer’s market at the Ferry Building on Saturday morning and sampling all the fresh, local, organic fare.

-Never running out of new amazing restaurants to try every few weeks

-Going in weird China Town stores and trying to guess what things are.  I think I saw a deer tail on sale for $300.  I’m really not sure what you do with that.

-Watching the old school roller skating dancers in golden gate park on Sundays

-Going to all the parades & music festivals during the summer

-Hiking in Muir woods

-Wandering the Sutro baths and the nearby cliffs

-and much more…

puddle.jpg golden-gate.jpg


I’d definitely recommend a visit!

_Rebecca, SF


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Hey, I live there too! I think I saw deer hoof for sale as well in chinatown. I’m not sure about the pigeon picture though. The second one on the right is that one from the other day at lunch with the gnarly toe.

Comment by Michael

I used to live there for a few years and I absolutely loved it and miss it. There is no where else like it. You could live several lifetimes there and still discover something new everyday!

Comment by isobal

San Francisco is the most exciting, beautiful city in the United States. At least in my opinion. I’m actually heading out that way for vacation next week — I’m so excited I can barely contain myself!

Make sure there’s nice weather for me, please!

Comment by akeorlando

I don’t think that any city in the world the residents have as many photos of where they live as in SF, (as if the city itself was a member of the family) but I’ve never seen one evocative like this one of the City …sigh

Comment by Mark

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