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Diaper Dilema
March 31, 2008, 10:18 am
Filed under: environmental issues


Mark and I have been flung into the vast world of baby products recently. We are completing the nursery and have attempted to start registering for all the stuff you supposidely need with a brand new baby.

I have been struggling with all the plastic products, cheap gear, and incompatible systems. I never realized that all strollers do not work with all carseats and jogging strollers are different than other strollers etc, etc.

 A major concern I have is my nagging conscious about using disposable diapers. I know they are bad for the environment, decompose in a ridiculous amout of time, and are a major filler in landfills. Yet the time savings and convenience is an advantage for working moms.

Recently I came across a pretty neat product that appears to be a nice alternative to disposable diapers and an environmentally conscious product.  They are called G diapers. The diapers have inserts that are compostable or that flush down your toilet. The product was also awarded a ‘cradle to cradle’ certification which is a certification based on William McDonough’s design priniciples and achieves certain critieria.

I am seriously thinking about giving this product a shot and they look adorable on too!


 -Jackie, W-B


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