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Greensburg Cubed

I just recently learned about Greensburg Cubed from a flyer I got in the mail from the school that the five non-blondes attended, Kansas State University.  The School of Architecture offers a Design Build class and this years students are focusing on the reconstruction of Greensburg, KS (that little town in Kansas that got completely distroyed by a tornado last May). 

With 95% of the town being wiped out, a local non-profit: Greensburg Greentown, is taking this opportunity to help Greensburg become a sustainable town.  The students’ mission during this reconstruction period is to design and construct several module cubes that demonstrate green construction methods such as green roof systems, structurally insulated panels, solar power and wind-generated electricity.

As of now there are 4 different cubes being designed and they are set to be up and running for the 1 year anniversary on May 4th….

ICE CUBE – a source of drinking water for residents and workers during the rebuilding process, with a cooling feature in the summer. This cube will educate users about water conservation techniques, and will serve as a rain water collection station.

GREEN HAUS – a cube depicting models of various types of sustainable building materials and techniques; will include a LEED checklist.

RECYCLING BIN – will serve not only as a portable collection site, but will educate users about the recycling process with an interactive learning system.

LITTER BOX – a restroom featuring composting toilets and showers using recycled water.


Check out the website to learn more about the project and see other cubes in progress  The reconstruction of Greensburg will also be the focus of a 13 week documentary “Eco-Town” on Discovery’s new eco-lifestyle channel Planet Green.  

K-State is so RAD!!!

Kelsey – Vail, CO


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