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Simple Household Change
April 14, 2008, 10:30 am
Filed under: environmental issues

I noticed when I was in Bed, Bath, and Beyond this past weekend a product that seemed like a reasonable idea. It was a dryer ball. This pack of two nubby baseball sized objects are supposed to replace the need for dryer sheets and thus be another way to help the environment.

 I didn’t realize that dryer sheets contain carcinogines that are bad for the environment. I must say I am a big dryer sheet fan. I love the clean smell it’s honestly one of my favorites and I have a hard time wanting to give up the emotional connection I feel when I smell clean (dryer sheet smell) load of laundry.  I checked into some other ideas for a healthier housedhold changes that include.

-Aromatic satchels. These can be placed in the dryer and will leave your clothes with a scent of lavendar or herbs whichever you’d like

-Cloths with essential oils. A few drops on a small cloth can also be thrown in with laundry when it is dried and will come out smelling like your choice of essential oil.

-1/2 c. Vinegar in the wash. This provides clothes with the softening factor of a normal dryer sheet and also the static cling protection.

I still am interested in trying the dryer balls and perhaps adding in a fragrance satchel.  The dryer balls will run about $10.

-Jackie, W-B


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Did you try out the dryer balls and the fragrance satchel? If so, how did it turn out?

Comment by Sam

Unfortunately, Jackie’s taken a break from the blog since the birth of her son Cade. She’s the only one that’s tried them. She’ll be back soon and she can tell you how they worked then.

Comment by 5nonblondes

when do you add the vinegar? Would it be with the original detergent or would it be when you would normally add fabric softener?

Comment by elisha

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