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The Temperature is a Rising!
May 7, 2008, 9:18 pm
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I can hardly believe that it is May already.  Where has the year gone?  This also means it is getting a little warmer outside and I needed new deodorant.  As we have all written about before, it is easy to make a difference by purchasing environmentally friendly products one at a time.  I decided to make a change in my deodorant department.  I was shopping at my local Wally World and there it was on the shelf…Tom’s of Maine deodorant.  First off I was shocked to see a completely natural product surrounded by antiperspirant as far as the eye could see.  Pleasantly surprised, I purchased the Tom’s brand and have been very happy.  Keep in mind, in recent years there have been many theories that non-natural deodorants contain aluminum that can be harmful to your health.  You never know anymore and I paid the extra buck to go aluminum free. 

What I was most excited by was the mini pamphlet that was attached to the deodorant.  It was all about Tom’s devotion to the planet.  Since 2006 they have offset their electricty consumption 100% by wind energy.  All of their products are completely recyclable even down to the inks on the packagaing and the pens they use at the factory.  They even go as far to give their employees a $4000 credit to a hybrid vehicle if they choose to purchase one.  Tom’s has found it is possible to be a profitable company and still continue to do what is right.  I belive they can be used as a model for others who want to move towards that direction.

We always have our tidbits about products, services or our own stories to share, but by no means are we perfect.  I remember when Rebecca and I were roommates in college.  We left the thermostat on 75 in the winter so we could be comfy in shorts when it was snowing outside.  At the time, we saw nothing wrong with that, now I think it is hysterical how far we have come.  Anyone can change one step or product at a time and now without being stinky in the mean time.  Thanks Tom’s of Maine!

Alison, KC,MO


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