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favorites from Teva mountain games

Every year I can always tell summer has finally come when the Teva Mountain Games come to Vail.  I had the opportunity to join in the festivities a couple weeks ago and I couldn’t believe how popular it was this year…it was flooded with people!  To give you a little background…the Teva Games is basically a celebration of all mountain sports. Locals and athletes from around the world come to compete in events such as kayaking, rock climbing, mountain biking, trail running, fly fishing and even dog jumping.  Aside from the sports, tons of tents are lined up throughout the village where the events take place.  If I had to guess, the tents consisted of approximately 40% outdoor gear, 30% health foods, 30% anything “green”… aka lots of great shwag! 


Not only am I recommending that everyone check out the Teva Games, but I wanted to share with you all some of my favorite finds.

Green Guru Gear – Located out of Boulder, CO and is an “innovative eco-conscious line of bags and soft goods developed for people who want tough, dependable, functional gear, yet do not want it at the expense of the environment”.  All products are made of billboards, car/bike intertubes, climbing ropes, bamboo, hemp, and organic cotton.  They make anything from messenger bags, to wallets, bracelets, clothing, goggle straps and even surf and snowboard bags.

Re-Art –  Artist Jeremy Collins along with a couple other artists created amazing art on site.  All of their pieces contained only materials found in junk yards and were auctioned off at the events.  I was astounded by how great the “trash” art turned out and am now regretting not bidding on anything.  The best part is that Collins is from my home town Kansas City and his studio is in the Crossroads district!!  If you check out his website, it looks like he uses all types of media in his art.  Unfortunately he doesn’t have any of his recycled art shown on his website, but I’m hoping that is was such a hit that he starts producing more.

There is so much more that I could share with you, but I don’t want to spoil you all in one day.  I hope you find as much enjoyment in the above as I did!

Kelsey – Vail, CO



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