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June 29, 2008, 11:02 pm
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I’m constantly googling women + tools, women + home improvement, etc. to find the latest news, trends etc. in the market.  Just recently, I came across– an online forum to help women with home improvement issues.  It was started by Eden Jarrin & Heidi Baker (pictured above) to inspire women and give them the knowledge & confidence to achieve their goals at home and in life.  You can get advice on just about any home improvement project you can think of and watch how-to videos for all sorts of things.  Not only that, they have a whole section under lifestyles dedicated to going green with instructions on things like how to start composting.   I think it would be hard to find another company with a mission more in sync with our own.  As to be expected, the forums are filled with women lamenting about the lack of good tools appropriate to their needs.   Hopefully, we’ll be able to provide those for them.  We’re getting closer, but it’s definitely a long process.  In the mean time, check out be jane and tackle your own DIY project.



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I too stumble around the web looking to see what IS available out there for women carpenters and those in the construction trades. It is slim pickings, but it heartens me to see blogs such as yours.

I am a writer and life coach for women carpenters with the sole intention of encouraging women to pick up their own hammers. I began my career in construction in 1978 and have experienced a great deal.

I worked as a builder in Alaska and Washington and it is not just tools that we need to fit us, but cold weather gear, durable rain gear, steel toed RUBBER boots, gloves, gloves and more gloves.

I would resort to bicycling gloves in the summer with the fingers exposed but would protect the palms of my hands. And in the rain of Southeast Alaska, neoprene gloves that I found at a Divers’ Shop that kept my hands warm even when the gloves were wet.

None of my clever ideas prevented me from having sometimes painful arthritis in the end joints of my fingers now from the cold, wet conditions and holding metal tools throughout the years.

Which brings me to suggesting using more rubber grip material on all tool handles.

I could go on as you see, but I got excited to see you all out there working towards a much needed product! I thank you all!

Leah Burton
Women Carpenters Coach

Comment by leahlb

[…] blogging is connecting with other people who share the same passions as you do.  After receiving this wonderful comment from Leah Burton at the Women’s Toolshed, we had to contact her.  […]

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