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Running with Numbers

I got this in an email a couple weeks ago and thought it was very interesting in a disturbing yet artistic kind of way.   Artist Chris Jordan has put together a unique collection of art involving quantities of specific items based on statistics of the American culture.

The images below depicts 106,000 aluminum cans, the number used in the US every thirty seconds….

Partial Zoom



You think this is impressive? … Visit for more.

Kelsey – Vail, CO


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Hello Kelsey:

I noticed that you blogged about Chris Jordan’s work, and thought you might be interested to know that he has donated one of his early pieces to our organization, Center for a New American Dream, to be auctioned through eBay/Missionfish. You can see the piece and the auction at

The consumerist themes of Jordan’s work match exactly with our organization, which is why he actually sits on our Board of Directors. New Dream works to shift and reduce consumption in order to protect the environment, promote social justice, and enhance quality of life. You can learn more about our nonprofit organization at

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about this auction or any related topic.

Chris Mastin

Comment by Chris Mastin

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