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Business Card Ideas
October 13, 2008, 7:55 pm
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As we mentioned, we’ve been toying around with some ideas for our business cards.  These are just to get us by for now.  We’ll re-evaluate them when we’re ready to take on the entire company branding.   As you can see, there are some double and some single sided options.  Any thoughts or opinions you’d like to share with us about these ideas so far?





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I still like the original logo the best (hammer in the circle). The hammer is probably the most recognizable tool shape so I’d lean towards sticking with that. On that specific option though, the yellow circle may be a tad small and maybe a little too foreign to the title text. All of the text could be smaller (which seems pretty standard with business cards) and that leaves a little room to add more information in the future.

Is the yellow a set color? This may not be too valid, but it seems hard to make yellow (as a solo color) not be either blinding or alternately slightly muddy looking.

I like the idea of a dominant solid color on the back. Maybe mostly yellow or orange but with a reference to the circle logo (like you just greatly enlarged the plain yellow circle and just have a slight curve or two that wouldn’t be cropped.

Comment by Michael

I like the circle with the hammer as well. It’s very recognizable and would translate well to cards, pads, magnets, etc. Not sure about the yellow though. I’d investigate more color theory or find someone else’s business card that you like and then ask yourself what it is that you like about it. You’re not copying it, just looking to it for inspiration and applying that to your own brand.

Comment by Kevin

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