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Can you change the world?
November 13, 2008, 8:26 pm
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Do you have an idea that could change the world for the better and truly make a difference?  Google thinks with all the information out there that some of us must.  They created a whole project dedicated to that assumption called 10 to the 100th.  For their 10th anniversary they have committed to invest $10 million dollars in a winning idea(s).  The deadline to submit ideas on this one has passed (unfortunately, it was Oct. 20th), but you can still sign up to vote for the winners.  Voting starts Jan. 27th.  Google will post the top 100 ideas, the public will narrow it down to 20 projects, and then an advisory board will select up to 5 for funding.   

The intent of the project is to take advantage of “crowdsourcing”.  That’s the Internet-age idea that the collective wisdom of mass audiences can be leveraged to find solutions to design tasks.  Interesting thought… maybe one person can’t change the world, but together we all can.

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Google thinks of everything…
October 8, 2008, 7:20 pm
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Just when I think that Google has thought of everything…they surprise me once again.  We’ve all be there, late at night, one, two or 4 glasses of wine and the need to email someone.  Who knew the two would go so well together sometimes, but unfortunately they do.  You express your deepest feelings to someone and accidentally hit reply all or the next day read something you wish you had never hit sent.  Now Google is working to help you with this common problem.  Mail Goggles!  An application that is activated late at night and weekends and makes you perform simple equations before an email can be sent.  Genius!  Either you won’t be able to the simple math or you’ll get bored and not send the email.

At first I thought the whole thing was a hoax, a great idea, but not real.  Not so, if you have a gmail account you can enable this feature under your settings.  Then click on labs and then active the “Goggles” feature.  Of course by adding “Goggles” to your email, doesn’t mean you have a drinking problem, but if it prevents one horribly embarrassing email escaping, then it’s done it’s job!  I don’t know if they are the same equations each time but if you start to memorize the answers, then you might have a problem.


_Alison KC, MO